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Monday was my first official day as a Nurse Practitioner. I really look forward to learning and growing in my new role!

Christina O.
'20 Chamberlain MSN FNP graduate 

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Online NP Program Q & A

What degree do you need to be a nurse practitioner?

To become a nurse practitioner, you need to hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, as well as a master’s or doctoral nursing degree. At Chamberlain, we offer a Master of Science in Nursing program that prepares you to sit for national NP board certification exams. Depending on your education level, our RN-BSN to MSN Online Option and Graduate Certificate in Family Nurse Practitioner can also meet the nurse practitioner school requirements. We recommend that you visit your state professional licensing board website for details specific to your state.

How many years of school to be a nurse practitioner?

As you consider advancing your nursing education, your first question is likely how long is nurse practitioner school? This will depend on if you enroll full or part time, what your education level is, as well as your specialty within your nurse practitioner schooling. At Chamberlain, you can complete our online nurse practitioner programs in less than three years if you hold a bachelor’s degree and are a registered nurse.

What are the requirements to become a nurse practitioner?

Before pursuing nurse practitioner schooling, you’ll need to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree and become a registered nurse. You will then enroll in a nurse practitioner program, either at the master’s or doctoral level, or in some cases, certificate level. The final step to becoming a nurse practitioner is successfully passing a certification exam.

If you hold the following …

an associate degree or diploma

a Bachelor of Science in Nursing

a master’s degree in nursing or higher

Then you’ll want to consider the…

RN-BSN to MSN Online Option (similar to RN to NP programs)

MSN Family Nurse Practitioner trackMSN Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner track or MSN Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (similar to BSN to NP programs)

Graduate Certificate in Family Nurse Practitioner

You can graduate in…

Less than 4 years

Less than 3 years

Less than 2 years

And will earn…

BSN & MSN degrees

MSN degree

Graduate Certificate

We recommend that you visit your state professional licensing board website for details specific to your state.

How much is nurse practitioner school?

The cost for NP school will depend on the specialty you choose. Any partner tuition rates, scholarships, and grants that you may qualify for can reduce your net cost. In addition, you may qualify for other financial aid such as loans. Chamberlain Admission representatives can help you identify all of your financing options, and refer you to an expert financial aid advisor to pursue your funding  options to earn a MSN nurse practitioner degree . Request information to learn more.

Total program costs

Does Chamberlain offer an RN to NP program?

Chamberlain offers an RN-BSN to MSN Online Option, which will get you from RN to NP. You’ll earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s in the program.

Where do FNPs work?

FNP vs. NP: What’s the Difference?

When becoming a nurse practitioner, one may choose to specialize in a particular field of nursing. Nurse practitioners may specialize and achieve certification in areas including adult-gerontology and family.

DNP vs. NP: What’s the Difference?

DNP vs. NP: What’s the Difference?

A Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a terminal educational degree, while a nurse practitioner (NP) is a professional role and job title. Nurse practitioners can be prepared at the master’s level or earn a DNP degree. Read more on our blog.

Accreditation? Check. 

Join a proudly accredited institution for your nurse practitioner program

Chamberlain University accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), www.hlcommission.com  an institutional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Chamberlain University confers online degrees from its Main Campus in Addison, IL.

Practicum option availability varies by state/location. Chamberlain reserves the right to update information as it becomes available. For a complete list, and to learn more, check out our authorizations or view our approvals in your state