17 Inspiring Graduation Caps for Nursing Students

It’s what every nursing student dreams of: graduation day.

It’s time to finally walk across the stage to collect your degree and the extra letters behind your name, while your family and friends look on and help you celebrate the achievement. All your hard work has paid off!

Decorating graduation caps has become a beloved tradition among many students in Chamberlain’s online programs and at our 20 campuses nationwide.  We’ve gathered 17 of our favorite grad caps designed by Chamberlain students to inspire you to keep pushing towards that finish line. Check them out below and get started dreaming up your graduation-day style! 

1. “My mommy did it!” 

2. “I started a BSN program in 1981, ended up getting my AD and working for 30 years. I am proud to say I completed my BSN finally, it is never too late to go back to school.” – Janet M., RN to BSN graduate