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  • by Agnes Hicks
  • May 6, 2019

4 Reasons to Consider an Accelerated MSN Option

If you’re a nurse who is considering the opportunity to further your education with a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree, you may want to look into an Accelerated MSN Option that can provide increased flexibility and speed in the delivery of an MSN degree.

Read on for reasons why an Accelerated MSN Option may be the right path for your journey toward advancing your career as an extraordinary healthcare professional:

1. Enjoy flexibility while earning an MSN degree in a shortened timeframe.

Due to the integrative design of the Accelerated MSN Option curriculum, the time to completion is shortened in comparison to other tracks or options within a traditional MSN degree program. The Accelerated MSN Option allows you to complete courses and assignments online within an individualized timeframe while maintaining weekly interaction with faculty in each course. This can give you more flexibility in managing work-life-family responsibilities while completing coursework.   

2. Prepare for advanced roles in nursing practice.

The Accelerated MSN Option is designed to prepare you for a variety of advanced roles in nursing practice, including those that require skill in delivering direct and indirect care, leading healthcare initiatives, and educating patients, staff and the community.

3. Learn from a curriculum that is student-centered, learner-driven and faculty-facilitated.

The Accelerated MSN Option curriculum can prepare you to apply a systems approach to a variety of roles in nursing practice, from the micro-level to the meso-level of healthcare delivery, with emphasis on leadership, collaboration, interdisciplinary engagement and process improvement. Additionally, the Accelerated MSN Option curriculum may integrate foundational principles of leadership, law and ethics, quality and safety, and evidence-based practice.

4. Prepare for additional certification with available enhanced options.

Additional opportunities are available to enhance the Accelerated MSN Option. For instance, the Accelerated MSN with Clinical Nursing Leadership Option aligns content with Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL®) competencies so you can complete the coursework and practicum hours required to qualify for the CNL certification exam beyond the Accelerated MSN Option curriculum.

Interested in pursuing the Accelerated MSN Option? Check out Chamberlain University’s newly launched Accelerated MSN Option and Accelerated MSN with Clinical Nursing Leadership Option. We are now accepting applications for the July 8, 2019 session start.

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