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As the third generation of nurses in her family, Melissa Frazier-Gaitan has always been interested in figuring out how she can be of service to others.

She started her career in the medical field as a Medical Assistant in 1997. She began her journey at Chamberlain in 2005 when the school was still Deaconess College of Nursing to pursue her Associate Degree in Nursing. She first graduated from Chamberlain in 2007, graduating again from the RN to BSN Option in 2017. 

“I believe that advanced nursing degrees are essential for guiding our future,” she said. “I decided to remain at Chamberlain because I have been able to build upon the strong foundation gained through my determination and Chamberlain’s dedication to my education. Over the years and through each course this has been demonstrated in both clinical settings and professional interactions.”

Throughout her career, Frazier-Gaitan gained experience in many areas of medicine, such as Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, NICU/Pediatrics and Correctional Medicine. With the hopes of adding education to that list, she is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) at Chamberlain with the goal of becoming a Nurse Educator.

 “I have yet to obtain my Master’s degree, which is my aspiration…I want to impact a student’s life the way seasoned professionals impacted mine,” she said. “I have been accepted into the MSN program with the goal of sharing my knowledge to student nurses one day.”

She recently shared insights based on her student experience(s) at Chamberlain. Read on for more:

What factors contributed to your success as a student?

The main factor that contributed to my success as a student was dedication to my goals. Let’s face it, being a student in general is not easy, and it can be a bit of an extra challenge when you have other obligations that require your attention as well.  I had some very influential instructors that were motivators, encouragers and inspirers! 

What was your experience with finding work-life balance while in school like?

Finding work-life balance while in school was a challenge at first, I will admit. The balance was ultimately achieved by rearranging what I had known into what soon became my “new normal” routine. I will be frank; my academic success and achievements did not come without great sacrifice.  Marking off the days until graduation on a paper calendar was liberating, even when the days were in the hundreds. 

What advice do you have for students who are taking online courses for the first time?

Online learning is not easy.  It takes great discipline and being a self-starter is essential.  There are some great resources available at Chamberlain – use them!

What would you tell someone considering Chamberlain?

I believe that Chamberlain strives to provide a wonderful education by utilizing cutting edge technology to an ever-changing world of medicine and practices.  That is something any medical professional should desire and want to be part of: making a difference and positively impacting the future! 

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