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We recently asked our Facebook fans what question they would ask a Chamberlain College of Nursing alumni. The responses we got back were many, and included lots of insightful questions. We shared the most common and popular questions with some of our alumni. Below are their responses.

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For returning adults students, what was it like?

I have to admit that it was one of the most difficult things that I have ever done. I have three children (one of them was two years old when I started) and I always felt like I wasn't there for them as much as I wanted to be.

However, I can tell you that every single minute of sacrifice was worth it. My kids were beaming at my graduation. My 13-year-old daughter cried and told me how proud of me she was. I can also tell you that the support system within Chamberlain is designed so that you have no reason to fail if you utilize your resources. Professors are always willing to help you and there are peer tutors and peer taught study sessions (led by senior students who have been there).

Nursing school is definitely not easy, however the knowledge and respect that I earned by earning my BSN was worth the struggle! It's never too late to go back to school!!!

Tara Adams, BSN, RN

Did Chamberlain prepare you for state boards (exams)?

DEFINITELY!  Chamberlain has amazing professors with focus and objective centered classes. If you study well enough to pass their exams, then you can and will pass your boards.

Honestly, I can tell you, I was terrified taking my boards. I was poor and didn't have enough money to take one of the third-party review courses out there. So I studied the NCLEX RN book that Chamberlain had supplied me as a student and I passed on my first try! I am a proud Chamberlain graduate.

Alyssa Busch, BSN, RN

I felt I was ready to pass my boards upon graduation. Most importantly, I felt I had a good education that prepared me to enter my field and be a safe and confident nurse. I received an excellent foundation in Nursing Fundamentals and a strong understanding of the material in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology.

Jennie Gates, BSN, RN

How are the instructors?

They are all on your team. If you ever doubt yourself or your skills, they will go above and beyond to help you and get you open lab time to practice. Professor Yates really stood out to me as a professor who advocates for her students and patients. She made my final session at Chamberlain one to remember. I am thankful to have had some awesome (and extremely intelligent) professors and clinical instructors at Chamberlain.

Katelyn Michel, BSN, RN

In my opinion, the absolute best thing about Chamberlain is the professors! I would not be where I am today without them. I still keep in touch with most of them!

They are experienced nurses who really know what it is like to be out there. At the end of my three years of school, they were like my family. All of the professors are willing to take time and go over questions you have. They will not hesitate to praise you and the support is incredible! I have told many people that I was so blessed that I attended Chamberlain because we had the best professors!

Tara Adams, BSN, RN

Do you feel as though Chamberlain prepared you for the real world of nursing?

The clinical sites helped me get a true feel for the nursing world. In addition, the SIMCARE™ lab helped break the ice for my bedside skills and the technology being used is really cool to experience!

Katelyn Michel, BSN, RN

I feel I had some amazing clinical experiences as well as having to perform under pressure in the SIMCARE lab. The SIMCARE lab is as close to reality as you can get. Also, in our final Capstone class, we had in-depth conversations regarding current events in nursing care as well as exploring evidence-based practice.

Jennie Gates, BSN, RN

How many hours per week did you dedicate to school and studying?

Each class and subject of study was different. Know yourself and your study habits. If there is something you excel in, study that last, and dedicate more time to what you struggle with. Also utilize the Center for Academic Success (CAS). Their staff is very helpful. They know the professors and testing styles and can help a lot.

-- Alyssa Busch, BSN, RN

What was the campus like?

I was an online student so I did not have a campus. However, I did go to the St. Louis campus and use the library and the CAS center, it was a good experience. Everyone welcomed me and was very helpful.

-- Sue Guglielmo, BSN, RN

Like my second home sometimes. There are many groups to belong to and activities to participate in. The library is a nice place to study and meet with your study buddies. I guarantee you no matter your age, race, or cultural background you will develop friendships that are strong and lasting.

-- Jennie Gates, BSN, RN

On campus you will find your home away from home! There is always an event or volunteer opportunity. There is always a study session offered or a peer or CAS tutor to help you. And there are a lot of study groups there. Some are big and the professor is leading them and some are just a few of your classmates.

I also found my second family at Chamberlain. I am so close with my some of my former classmates that they are listed on the emergency pick up list at my children's school! Your classmates will go through the trenches with you and they will sometimes be the only ones who understand what you are going through and the struggles you are facing.

-- Tara Adams, BSN, RN

Knowing what you know now would you do it again?

Going to Chamberlain and getting my BSN was the best thing I have ever done for myself. YES. A big YES!!!

-- Jennie Gates, BSN, RN

Absolutely! I don't know anyone who regrets going to nursing school at Chamberlain and I am signed up to do it all over again for my Master's degree in May of 2015!

-- Tara Adams, BSN, RN

I would definitely do it again. All of the hard work is worth it and I am so proud of myself and my friends I met at Chamberlain. The faculty and staff at Chamberlain were very friendly and helpful throughout the program.

-- Katelyn Michel, BSN, RN


-- Alyssa Busch, BSN, RN

Absolutely!!! I wish I would have done it sooner.

I graduated with my ADN and 20 years to the day later I graduated with my BSN.

-- Sue Guglielmo, BSN, RN

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