Changing Uniforms: Military Couple Prepares to Serve on the Front Lines of Healthcare


Dwayne and Veronica Bryant, now husband and wife student nurses at Chamberlain College of Nursing’s Jacksonville campus, met while they were serving in the U.S. Air Force. Through experiences during their military service, they were soon drawn to careers in healthcare.

When Veronica joined the military 11 years ago, she wasn’t sure which career field she wanted to pursue outside of her service. However, after watching military nurses save lives, she quickly gravitated toward the field of nursing.

“When I was deployed overseas, I saw helicopters filled with medical personnel providing care to soldiers injured in the line of duty,” said Veronica. “I felt inspired to help and provide assistance, but I couldn’t.”

Dwayne experienced emergency medicine firsthand as an EMT in the Air Force. “I was able to provide care at a basic level,” he said. “Seeing advanced medical procedures right before my eyes motivated me to gain the knowledge and experience to provide a higher level of care. The fatalities I saw in the field solidified my decision to become a nurse.”

Now married and parents to two young children, the Bryants are no longer active-duty military; Veronica is separated from the military and Dwayne is in the reserves. Together, they are preparing to serve our country in a different way by pursuing their interest in healthcare and earning Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees.

“As student nurses and parents, we have several responsibilities to juggle,” said Veronica. “The faculty and staff at Chamberlain have been very understanding. They helped us create a schedule that allows us to complete our clinicals on opposite days so we can achieve balance in our life.”

Veronica and Dwayne are expected to graduate in August 2014 and are looking forward to the important roles they will fill once they are working in the healthcare field.

“My experience in the Air Force exposed me to a variety of traumatic medical emergencies, but I am now interested in exploring pediatrics,” said Dwayne. “I enjoy kids and their ‘tell it like it is’ attitude. They keep it real – which is refreshing.”

Veronica wants to focus on women’s health. “I am planning to explore labor and delivery,” she said. “It provides the opportunity to collaborate with a team and build a strong connection with your patient as you help her bring a new life into the world.”

As the Bryants move on to the next phase of their careers, their commitment to serving others is stronger than ever. They look forward to continuing to provide care, this time as their patients’ first line of defense.

Are you remembering a military service member in your life this Memorial Day?

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