Enhancing Learning with Our ATI Partnership


By Carla Sanderson, PhD, RN, provost, Chamberlain University

A nurse has a great responsibility of providing an extraordinary level of care for their patients. At Chamberlain, we believe that education should be delivered to our nursing students the same way.

From the moment students begin a course with us, we want them to have the tools and resources to support their success. We are proud to say our recently-formed partnership with ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute) Nursing Education, the nation's preeminent e-learning provider, offers support to empower Chamberlain students to succeed in school, pass the NCLEX® and provide extraordinary care as a professional nurse.

How Our Students Benefit

Our pre-licensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students will use ATI’s comprehensive and adaptive tools and resources to help them learn their course content and prepare for and pass the NCLEX.

We’ve worked with ATI to meet our students’ needs through tools and resources that support a variety of learning styles. Whether it’s through videos, reading materials or their best-in-class learning solutions, ATI’s learning resources are there to support understanding, critical thinking and content mastery. And if students need extra help, tutorials, assessments and simulations are available and easy to access.

We aim to enhance learning across the curriculum through extensive support, and this partnership helps us do that in a tangible way. It means that, beginning with the nursing fundamentals course through the capstone course, our students will have access to comprehensive support tools and customized plans for mastering course content throughout our BSN degree program.

Why Was ATI Chosen?

ATI is a leading vendor of nursing education tools and resources, and has partnerships with more than 80 percent of nursing programs across the United States. Of those, Chamberlain is one of only 161 distinct institutions to have a complete partnership with ATI. The complete partnership model has proven effective for those nursing institutions across the country; ATI’s partner institutions have experienced an 11 percent improvement in NCLEX pass rates over a two-year period. 

The ATI tools and resources give our faculty and administration the resources needed to focus on student success, where our students receive the continuous support needed so that they can go on graduate, pass the NCLEX and to provide an extraordinary level of patient care. 

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