Jack O'Lantern Patterns for Nurses


Tired of carving the same old triangle eyes and toothy grin? This Halloween, take your jack o’lantern skills up a notch.

Using a large pumpkin and some carving tools, you can create a masterpiece that shows your nursing pride to all the superheroes and vampires who stop by for some treats.

Check out our nursing jack o’lantern patterns below. We’d love to see your finished product – email us at [email protected] with a picture.

Pumpkin Carving 101

  1. Pumpkin carving kits, and the small sawtooth blades within, make the business of creating a jack o’lantern much easier. Pick one up at the store along with a pumpkin – one with a smooth, flat side always works best.
  2. Create a lid on top of the pumpkin, cutting at an inward angle, and get to scooping! All seeds and pulp should be removed and the sides scraped.
  3. Print out the design and tape it to the pumpkin. You may need to adjust the paper by adding folds or slits. Poke holes along the design’s outline—many kits will come with a poker tool, but you can also improvise with a push pin.
  4. The yellow pieces of the pattern will be removed. Carve along the guidelines you created and gently push out the pieces.
  5. Add a candle or battery-powered light, and voilà! Your jack o’lantern is ready for the front window.

Click to download "I Love RNs" jack o'lantern pattern

pumpkin with I heart RNs design

Click to download EKG jack o'lantern pattern

pumpkin with heart and heartbeat design

Click to download Florence Nightingale jack o'lantern pattern


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