My 4 Favorite Experiences as a Chamberlain Nursing Student

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Tiffany Ramirez joined Chamberlain’s Las Vegas campus as part of its inaugural class. As a single mom and aerospace medical technician in the Air Force, Ramirez was able to successfully earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) this fall, while also finding time for medical mission trips and forging lifetime friendships with her classmates.

“Graduating with my bachelor’s in nursing has been so surreal,” Ramirez said. “I took my first class when I was 20 and had a 3-month-old—I remember thinking I needed to do more for him. Today, I have never been more sure and ready to take on a new adventure.”

Ramirez recently shared more about some of her favorite experiences while earning her BSN at Chamberlain. Her thoughts below:

1. When classmates became more like family.

I was shocked by how close and family oriented everyone in the class became because I had previously experienced a different program at another school where that was not the case. It’s easy for people to think what they’re going through is harder than what someone else is going through, but I started to form relationships with my classmates and the next thing I knew they became more like family members. We all understood that we were on this journey together and that made us closer as a group.

2. Working with kids during my pediatric clinical rotation.

My favorite clinical rotation was pediatrics, which I was able to complete at a Level 1 Trauma hospital. It’s unique to read your textbook and then go to your clinical and see the things you had just read about. It was a huge learning opportunity to be able to work in an environment with such a wide range of pediatric diseases. I also love working with kids because they’re so resilient.

3. The supportive faculty who pushed me to succeed.

I was surprised by how much support the school and faculty offered. The Center for Academic Success (CAS) was a huge help. I could walk in and say, ‘I need help,’ and someone would respond, ‘Okay, let’s figure out your strengths and weaknesses so we can get you to where you need to be.’ I would go there and they’d help me understand why sugar reacts in the veins a certain way or give me tips to remember the cranial nerves. The faculty was very helpful and hands on too. I could call or email my professors with questions and they would follow up with me shortly after.

4. Making a difference on a medical mission trip. 

I have had the privilege of going on two medical missions now. Last year, I went to the Dominican Republic/Haiti and this year I got to experience India with an organization called International Service Learning (ISL). My favorite part was getting to go to the villages and communities and getting to really immerse myself in the culture of the locals. The people are always so welcoming and have even offered for us to stay in their homes and cook us dinner. It’s funny because we are there to take care of them, but they are worried about our well-being and taking care of us.

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