Nursing Students Share Top Study Songs

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It’s 11 pm on a Sunday, you’ve worked three 12-hour shifts in a row and you have a political science paper to write, an Advanced English Composition discussion post to submit and a heap of note cards that you still have yet to touch. While getting in and staying in the zone to study may seem challenging, you know it can be done with some dedication, persistence and the right playlist(s).

We asked our online community of nurses what songs, artists and genres helped them focus the most while studying, and they responded with diverse, unique and motivation-inducing options we felt obligated to share.

Upbeat tunes
If you want a to put a little pep in your step to help keep yourself motivated for a marathon study session, check out these upbeat tunes that span the decades.

“Always George Michael or Mariah Carey on Apple Music.” – Michelle A.

“Queen!” – Nicole D.

“Stanly Brothers.” – Carlos B.

“It varies mostly between songs from the sixties and the seventies. I like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Lemon Pipers, The Monkees, Smokey Robinson and a whole lot more.” – Doug D.

“KT Tunstall, Imagine Dragons, and Twenty One Pilots.” – Angelina F.

“Daddy Yankee.” – Lucy R.

 “Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child.” – Marquisha R.

Calming sounds
For those looking to get in the zone of deep focus and concentration, it’s hard to go wrong with some relaxing ocean sounds, classical music or even white noise.

“Either the classical music or spa radio stations on Spotify.” – Velez P.

“Meditation radio on Pandora.” – Kim A.

“John Williams guitar.” – Laura M.

“The Piano Guys radio station on Pandora. It helps clear my mind and keep me focused.” – Nikki I.

 “Classical. Just enough background noise with no distraction.” – Jenn B.

“Ambient mixer for excellent white noise.” – Samantha F.

“Piano music by Yiruma.” – Ari

Chill beats
When you’re looking for a happy medium somewhere in between Mozart and Mariah Carey, these tunes might be right for you.

“John Mayer, Adele or Sam Smith. I like soft, easy to listen to music.” – Jen G.

“Search “ChillStep” or “Lofi” and thank me later.” – Hadeel H.

“Toni Braxton and Erykah Badu! They keep me calm and help me keep an open mind to absorb new information.” – Toeria

“The Piano Guys or Nightcore. It really just depends on the mood.” – Andrea B.

“Tedeschi Trucks Band. The song Bound for Glory is uplifting, and Midnight in Harlem and Shame are both beautiful songs.” – Gwendolyn P.

 “Mumford and Sons radio station on Spotify.” – Taylor W.

“Never Would Have Made It by Marvin Sapp.” – Jonathan D.

Whether or not you’re familiar with the above songs, artists and genres we encourage you to give one, a few or all of them a listen. You may find something that will help you finish studying that hefty pile of note cards and give you the push you need to ace your Contemporary History exam.

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