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3 Year Degree 

5 Specialty Tracks

100% Online Coursework

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Advance your career

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 All Financial Aid Options

Alumni Tuition Rates A

Become a Nurse

Campus Location

Can Transfer to MPH

Care For Students

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Coaching Teams A

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Collaboration With Professors 

College Health A


Community Health Program Manager

Complimentary Tutoring

Comprehensive Nursing Review A

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Continue To Work

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Customized curriculum plan

Customized support plan A

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Customized workshops A

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Direct Care Experiential Training

Disease Investigator A

Diverse Clinical Training

Early Assessments A

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Edu Partner Research A

Educational Partner Search

Educational Partner Search 2

Educator A

Environmental Health Specialist

Epidemiologist A

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Event Date

Experienced Professors

External Scholarships A

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Faculty Support

Family Practice


Financial Aid Options A

Global Health Professional A

Graduate Scholarship A

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Grants A

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Health Policy Advisor A

Healthcare Marketing

Individualized Instruction

Internal Medicine A


Loans A

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Medical Officer

Military Rates A

No course required prior enrollment

No GRE required

No mandatory login times A

No mandatory login times B

No wait lists

One class at a time

Pediatric Primary Care

Public Health Analyst

Public Health Policy Coordinator

Research Analyst

Respect for All

Retail clinics


Scholarships A

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Simcare Center

Small Class Size

Special Tuition Rates



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