To Our Chamberlain Community: 

The well-being of our students and colleagues has been at the forefront of our pandemic response as we have supported the continuation of our students’ educational goals.

We are in a vastly different place today than we were at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic with significant progress made in understanding the virus. High levels of vaccine- and infection-induced immunity and availability of effective treatments and prevention tools have substantially reduced the risk of COVID-19-associated hospitalization and deaths, making it possible for Chamberlain to resume on-campus activities and for our students to fully engage in clinical and practicum experiences. The pandemic is not over but we are moving to a point where COVID-19 is no longer disrupting daily life as it had before. 

Chamberlain will continue to closely follow guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other federal agencies regarding COVID-19. And, just as we have done throughout the pandemic, we will keep the health and well-being of our communities our top priority. In addition to strongly encouraging our students, faculty and staff be vaccinated against COVID-19, we continue to thoroughly clean and disinfect our campuses; we also expect anyone who feels ill, develops symptoms, or tests positive for the virus stays home until they are recovered. More information about our COVID-19 policy can be found here.

There are many reasons Chamberlain students choose to step forward in their calling — making a real difference in the lives of others and your community likely tops that list. We are proud to count so many frontline workers as a part of our family and we appreciate the ongoing commitment of our alumni, educators, and students to end the pandemic.