NCLEX-RN® Review

A Complimentary Course

NCLEX-RN® Course Availability Starting August 10, 2020

Staying engaged between graduation and the NCLEX-RN is vital to success, especially during COVID-19 when testing delays can impact subject retention and confidence in your skills.

100% Online

The NCLEX-RN review coursework is 100% online

24/7 Access

With 24/7 access you can set your schedule and your own pace

Not Just for Chamberlain Grads

The course is complimentary to anyone taking or retaking the exam 

Reinforce skills, improve retention and build confidence

Chamberlain University's complimentary NCLEX-RN Review Course is an additional resource to help bridge the gap between graduation and licensure.

  • 18+ hours of recorded content
  • 21 topic areas including test taking strategies
  • Complete the entire course or choose the subjects you want to focus on
  • Pre- and post-test resources
  • Live review sessions are also available