Academic Excellence

Committed to Your Success

Pursuing your degree represents some of the most rewarding and challenging times of your life. We understand what it takes to earn your nursing degree, and we have built a supportive environment focused on student success. Our dedication to producing extraordinary healthcare professionals is reflected in a comprehensive program of tools, resources and support to help students complete their degree program and succeed as a healthcare professional.

Chamberlain’s Academic Success Resources

As part of Chamberlain Care® and our dedication to your success, Chamberlain University is offering new resources designed to empower you to succeed in school, to pass the NCLEX-RN® on your first attempt and to help you deliver safe and extraordinary patient care as a professional nurse. 

More Built-in Support – ATI Assessment Resources

  • Early assessments give new students a clear picture of their strengths and areas for improvement
  • ATI Support Resources provide comprehensive support tools that are built into all nursing courses, customized plans for learning course content across the degree program, and 16 weeks of virtual coaching to help students finish strong and be prepared to take NCLEX-RN®
  • Measurement and tracking of ongoing academic activity identifies areas of concern in order to facilitate a timely response
  • Chamberlain University students benefit from a student-learning environment enhanced by small class sizes, individualized instruction and diversified clinical learning opportunities

Student Support Advising

As a student, you will have a dedicated partnership between your academic support advisor, student finance advisor, and you by building an individualized plan for academic and financial success.

Academic Support Advising

Academic support advisors can help you create a personalized curriculum plan, provide registration assistance, and identify various resources that support your academic success.

Student Finance Advising

Student finance advisors can support you with financial aid literacy and planning, tailor a financial plan that meets your needs, resources for additional funding options, Military & Veterans Affairs benefits, and billing support.


Center for Academic Success

A wide range of services, customized to your learning styles and relevant at all stages of your degree program.

  • Receive tutoring and study advice from professional healthcare staff and peer tutors
  • Assessments identify areas of need and assist in resource referral
  • Exam preparation resources 

"I would not have gained the confidence in myself to make it through my nursing program had it not been for CAS, and the caring hearts and knowledgeable minds of the CAS team."

- Rachael Stevens, BSN Student, Arlington Campus

Community Involvement Opportunities

Chamberlain enhances the college experience and promotes a feeling of community by affording students the opportunity to participate in leadership and decision-making roles.

National Student Nurses Association (NSNA)

Chamberlain students are encouraged to participate in the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA). State and local participation introduces students to the professional organization and informs them of current challenges in the nursing field.

Student Government Association (SGA)

Chamberlain encourages students to participate in a Student Government Association (SGA), which advocates for students and serves as a liaison between the faculty and students.

College Committees

Committee membership provides an opportunity to participate in a review of curriculum, resources, services, facilities and policies.

Phi Pi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing

Chamberlain’s chapter of the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing continues our commitment to the University and community by recognizing our faculty, students, graduates and community leaders for their scholarship, research and nursing excellence. Membership is extended to baccalaureate and graduate nursing students and faculty exhibiting excellence in scholarship and nurse leaders demonstrating exceptional achievements in nursing. This organization serves as a vital link between our students, alumni, faculty and the nursing community. Learn more at