Celebrating Public Health Week 

This week, Chamberlain is celebrating the tireless work of public health professionals like you who strive to protect our communities from infectious diseases, environmental hazards, health access inequalities, and more. Your dedication and commitment to your profession make a tremendous impact, both locally and globally, and we are deeply grateful for all you do.

Share Your Story

We invite you to sign up for your complimentary Public Health Week t-shirt and share your experiences on social media, expressing your love for public health and inspiring others to do the same. Let’s raise awareness and educate others on the importance of this profession!
Throughout National Public Health Week, we’ll focus on different themes that demonstrate how public health impacts our daily lives: 

Monday: Community
Tuesday: Violence Prevention
Wednesday: Reproductive and Sexual Health
Thursday: Mental Health
Friday: Rural Health 
Saturday: Accessibility and Food/Nutrition

So, let’s celebrate National Public Health Week together! Share your experiences, wear your t-shirt with pride, and let’s celebrate the ways the public health profession has made our community healthier and happier.

Colleen Murray


“I love public health because it is all-encompassing. It is a discipline that impacts everyone. Your work can have an impact on individual behaviors, communities, how programs are designed and implemented, and how health education and communication are delivered. Your work can drive policy change and impact the prevention of disease. I have great satisfaction in life knowing that I wake up every day working to improve the lives of those around me.”

-    Dr. Colleen Murray, DrPH, MPH | Associate Professor, MPH Degree Program