3 Advantages of Earning your DNP with Chamberlain

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When it comes to earning a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree, there a few things that can help you succeed. Having the desire to make a positive impact in your community and enrolling in a program that cares about your academic success and personal well-being both rank high on the list.

Chamberlain is dedicated to helping you thrive on the journey toward earning your Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree. From dedicated and supportive faculty, to the opportunity to make a significant and positive impact in your own workplace, keep reading to learn about the advantages of earning your DNP with Chamberlain.

1. The professors are dedicated to helping you succeed

There is more to earning your DNP then simply memorizing facts and conducting research. Chamberlain graduate Charlene Seale says her professors helped her reach new heights in her practice.

“Chamberlain faculty taught me how to navigate difficult situations,” she said. “Without the help of extraordinary Chamberlain faculty, I could not have succeeded in my final DNP project. Professor Virginia Hall, DNP, MSN-Ed, RN, CNE, took me to a different skill level. She was awesome. The faculty work with so many students and are familiar with many organizations. Many faculty are or have been high-ranking hospital system nurses themselves so they know how to manage different situations.”

2. You can be a catalyst for change at your workplace

In the DNP degree program you’ll be required to complete a DNP project and practicum, in which you’re able to implement an impactful change within your workplace. Chamberlain alumna Melinda Spencer-Smith credits this as to why she chose Chamberlain.

“I looked at about six or seven programs in depth,” she said. “I checked the curriculum, I checked the requirements, I checked the practicum. The practicum at Chamberlain allowed me to do a change project at my workplace. That was really important to me because I wanted to connect making a change through research to my work setting.”

Through her DNP project, Melinda developed and implemented an evidence-based toolkit for anxiety and depression for healthcare providers and found it created a significant improvement in outcomes.

3. The resources you need are within an arm’s reach

Chamberlain offers convenient online resources, providing you the tools you need to succeed.

“The Canvas platform has made managing my time and accessing resources easier,” said DNP student Latanya Bathers. “The resources are endless, from customer service to working with IT, help is always available.”

Dr. LaKesha Wyse, DNP, assistant dean of faculty, urges students to take advantage of the many resources available at Chamberlain to help you succeed.

“As a DNP student, you have access to a platform called Student Success Strategies through Canvas that provides a one-stop shop for many academic resources, one of which is scholarly writing tips,” she said.

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