5 Apps to Help You through the MSN-FNP Specialty Track

Sauti “Johari” Ledbetter began documenting her journey through the MSN Family Nurse Practitioner specialty track on Instagram in hopes of encouraging current nursing students, as well as those who are considering going back. Since starting her account, Johari answers questions from her followers and shares advice for success in nursing school.

What’s one thing Johari has relied on throughout her time as an MSN-FNP student? Smartphone apps. We asked her to share her 5 favorite apps and here’s what she had to say:

  1. Epocrates RX - This app is great for all your medications needs. I use this in clinical and for my SOAP notes every day. It will provide you with names (brand and generic), patient-specific dosages (adult, pediatric, renal, elderly), routes of administration and how the medication is supplied (tabs, capsules, IV, topical, etc.)
  2. FNP Mastery - This app has more than 850 questions that are broken down by systems, as well as mnemonics to help you remember important information. Topics include signs of malignant melanoma, cranial nerves, stages of shock, serotonin syndrome, immunization schedules and more! You can test yourself in quiz or review mode. It also offers exam strategies and an ANCC certification test breakdown.
  3. APEA - This app is an FNP certification app that is associated with Amelie Hollier and made by Advanced Practice Education Associates. As an MSN-FNP student at Chamberlain, this app comes in handy to help you complete your assigned weekly QBANK questions and when you’re in clinical courses on-the-go. The questions can be broken down by subject, random, practice, new and missed questions.
  4. Prognosis: Your Diagnosis - This app puts a cool spin on case studies. Within this app, you are the provider and you are presented a specific case of your choosing, including the subjective and objective data on a patient. It is up to you to then determine what labs, imaging studies or further diagnostic work-up is appropriate. Next, you choose treatment options, such as medications, conservative options, referrals, and when and how you will follow-up with the patient. You will then receive a score indicating how you performed. At the end of the case, a thorough explanation and the correct answers are given.
  5. Pharmacology (Scrub Wars®) - This app is a fun way to master pharmacology. It’s a game that is set in an outer space galaxy, where you are in a spaceship shooting at the correct capsule (answer) before the asteroid destroys you! In the game, medications are broken down by class and system. For example, pain, renal, cardiovascular and infectious disease, and diabetic medications. To play the game, you must answer questions by picking the right medication before time runs out. You gain points based on how quickly you can answer the question and a certain amount of points are required to move to the next level.  

These apps are all downloadable on iOS® and Android™. You can view more apps used by Johari in her Instagram post.

What are your favorite apps for nursing school? Leave them in the comments below!

The trademarks we use to identify particular goods/services are owned by their respective owners and do not constitute in any manner their endorsement of Chamberlain. More information on all of these apps can be found in the iTunes® and Google Play™ online stores.

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