5 Tips for Job Searching During the Holidays

job searching during holiday

With the holidays upon us, you may notice the energy of the job market feels a little sluggish. Consider the following tips to refresh your search and keep your momentum high well into the New Year.  

1. Build your LinkedIn profile

If you find yourself with some downtime around the holidays, use this time to build or update your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a great resource for connecting with others in the nursing profession and promoting your online presence in a professional manner.

2. Network at holiday gatherings

The holidays are a time when many of us reconnect with family and friends. Take advantage of the seemingly never-ending holiday parties and utilize this time to network for your job search. Let people know, through casual conversation, what you are seeking in a new opportunity. You will be surprised what a little networking can produce in your job search.

3. Work on your résumé

Instead of watching reruns of old holiday movies between all of your holiday gatherings, take this time to add some interest to your résumé. Whether you only have an initial draft or you have been using the same version for months, now is great opportunity to take some time to really think about what you highlight from experience and education.

4. Check job postings regularly

In today’s job market, job postings tend to go quickly. With the added downtime many of us experience around the holidays, take a moment to check postings on a regular basis. This will help ensure you are one of the first applicants the Hiring Manager sees.

5. Join associations and use their career boards

With the variety of nursing specialties and subspecialties available, the opportunities for joining associations are vast. If you are currently working in a specialty or have a desire to work in a specific area of nursing, consider joining an association of nurses with interest in the same area. Outside of specialty areas, the American Nurses Association can be a great resource. Click here for a list of other nursing associations.

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