5 Tips for Making the Most of School and Work this Summer

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You made it through the final session of school for the spring! But now that it’s summer, you’re wondering how to balance the demands of continuing your courses, working as a RN and enjoying the summer. We have some tips to help keep your eye on making progress in your studies while balancing work and summer fun!

1. Set a goal…and write it down.

Start your summer with a goal-setting session. What is it that you want to accomplish this summer? Is it keeping up with full-time enrollment in your studies? Tackling a class you’ve been putting off? Looking into a new employer? Whatever it is, make a goal and write it down! Establishing a goal early in the summer will help give purpose to your next steps. Writing it down will serve as a reminder and keep you accountable.    

2. Establish a mentor in the workplace.

The demands of the workplace can leave even a seasoned nurse feeling stressed at times. Find someone on-site that you respect and who is available to support you in the workplace. Having someone more experienced to show you the ropes and to discuss patients and situations with you will help you feel comfortable with your environment and responsibilities. Learning is a lifelong journey!

3. Ask for help from your support system.

You might feel like it’s a weakness to ask for help. Instead, view it as a support from those who care about you – and don’t forget to pay it forward! Think about the little things that distract you from keeping your focus on your work and studies and which ones your support system can keep you focused on. You’ll feel ready to keep at it when the going gets tough when you have others who have your back. You know the saying…“It takes a village!”

4. Explore childcare options.

School is out for the summer! If you have children, they are likely excited about summer vacation. However, as a parent balancing work and school, this may cause logistical complications. If you have family or close friends in the area that might be able to provide some assistance, that is a good place to start. Local daycares often offer summer programs with daily or weekly care options. Community churches and local YMCAs also offer camps that may be available on a weekly or daily basis. If you need a great deal of flexibility with your childcare, consider looking into a nanny-sharing option.     

5. Reflect on your day.

Spend some time each day reflecting on yourself and about the decisions you made. Celebrate the triumphs, think through any obstacles and research how you can approach alternative options for patient care. Remember that experiences aren’t always textbook and sometimes the right answer for the patient isn’t what is in the textbook. Acknowledge that you are human and that you are still learning. Healthcare is full of ups and downs, so be kind to yourself.

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