5 Ways Chamberlain Takes the Stress Out of Applying

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This post is intended to aid applicants to Chamberlain’s RN to BSN Online Degree Completion Option and graduate programs. Are you considering Chamberlain’s BSN or graduate degree programs? Find out more here.

Congratulations on taking that first step towards advancing your education with Chamberlain University’s post-licensure programs! Depending on where you are in your nursing career, going back to school can be a big step — especially when you don’t have anyone to help you through the process.

That’s why, when you apply to one of Chamberlain University’s online degree programs or options, you’re paired with an admission representative who guides you through registration and answers any questions you have. If you want to attend courses without losing valuable work time, you’ll likely find your Chamberlain admission representative to be extremely helpful.

Here are 5 ways that your admission representative can help you get started on your journey with Chamberlain:

1. We reach out first (so you don’t have to).

Chamberlain admission representatives know that no one wants to spend their free time setting up appointments, so we take the pressure off by calling you first. If you haven’t spoken with yours yet, you should expect a call soon to complete an admission interview. Once that is completed, your admission representative can also help you develop a financial plan to reach your goal.

2. We follow up on your transcripts for you.

Getting transcripts from your previous school can be a challenge when applying to a university. You often need to follow up multiple times to find out when (or if) the school mailed them out. The great part about Chamberlain is that we will attempt to help you get your transcripts. Your admission representative will send you a Transcript Request Form for each of the educational institutions you have previously attended, and you simply fill them out, sign and send them back immediately. Your admission representative will then submit them to the registrar for a transcript evaluation. If you already have a copy of your transcripts, you can speed up your admission process by sending them to your representative right away.

3. Everything is done with a Personal Touch

It’s all part of Chamberlain Care® — Chamberlain’s relentless commitment to offering students support and flexibility — designed to enhance your educational experience through graduation and beyond. It also includes personal touches you might not expect. For example, once your registrar completes your transcript evaluation based on the admission requirements for your program of interest, your admission representative will call you to share the results. On the phone. Some news deserves to be delivered personally.

4. We help you plan your curriculum.

Upon acceptance into Chamberlain, during your conversation about your transcript evaluation, your admission representative can help you figure out which first-semester courses might be right for you. Our recommendations are based on your transcript evaluation and a financial plan you complete with online student services, two tasks you should have already checked off by that point. Your representative will then send you the final registration documents you need to enroll at Chamberlain. Depending on the degree program/option you are considering, there may be other additional steps for you to complete. (Don’t worry, your admission representative will cover those with you too.)

5. We help set you up for success.

Another important part of Chamberlain Care® is putting students in a position to succeed from the beginning. Your admission representative will submit your registration to the registrar personally to ensure you can start school on time. Then, once your registration has been completed, we will send you your login credentials, info on how to order your textbooks (if necessary) and details on the new student online orientation.

Even when the start of classes draws near, Chamberlain admission representatives are far from finished. We’re available for appointments to help you review expectations before your first day and will give you a call when your initial courses are over to make sure you had no trouble accessing them.

The great news is, your admission representative is one person who is a part of a larger support team all here to help guide you on your journey to earning your degree. Not only is your admission representative a great person to have in your corner when you’re applying to Chamberlain, but once you apply, you’ll also have a student services team, faculty and staff that will help every step of the way.

When you apply to Chamberlain University’s online degree programs or options, we’re dedicated to supporting you throughout your educational journey.

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