Finding a Way to Juggle School and Mom Duties Landed Jenna Blind with a DNP and a Fulfilling Job

Jenna Blind

When asked about why she joined the healthcare field, Jenna Blind, DNP, RN, Alumnus CCRN, who works as a manager for nursing quality in New York, said, “I knew I wanted to be in a field where I was giving back and changing lives.” A few years ago, she moved from clinical work to nursing quality. “Solving problems in healthcare is like solving a puzzle. It is best to engage the interdisciplinary team to think critically and treat the problem together, holistically.”

Mentoring Others

Jenna completed the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree (DNP) program at Chamberlain University last October and Steps Forward by mentoring several colleagues who are currently enrolled at Chamberlain. A full-time nurse leader and mother, Jenna searched for a program that would allow her to complete her doctoral degree while juggling everyday responsibilities, something Chamberlain offered. She highly recommends the program to nurses who are seeking to advance their education and play an active role in improving nursing practice and healthcare delivery.

Representing Chamberlain at STTI Conference

Along with many other Chamberlain colleagues and alumni, Jenna will present her abstract Express Yourself! Implementing an Evidence-Based Intervention to Improve Efficacy of Transformational Leadership for Nurse Managers for a podium presentation at the upcoming Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society’s 31st International Nursing Research Congress in Abu Dhabi this July. Honorees received congratulatory emails stating the submitted abstracts were exceptional and the accepted presentations “are an excellent reflection of current nursing trends and timely issues.”

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