Nurses: Use These 3 Tips for Success in Statistics

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You have made the decision to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing. You’ve signed up for your classes, mapped out your new schedule and even bought a new planner to stay on top of it all. But now you begin your statistics class and wonder to yourself ‘am I ready for this?’ We recently asked our community of nurses on Facebook their best advice for success in statistics. Check out their helpful tips below!

1. Make Use of Every Tool and Resource – Including Complimentary Tutoring!

Whether it’s a special calculator, YouTube video or a well-crafted spreadsheet, use all the tools available to you. Beyond what’s listed below, don’t forget that Chamberlain has partnered with to provide complimentary online tutoring. It’s available 24/7 for most subjects, so you can study on your schedule. Learn how to get started here.

“Get a calculator that can do a lot of the formulas and problems for you!” – Hayley F.

“Excel saved me!” – Lela H.

 “If your instructor does the WebEx, WATCH them!” – Marie B.

StatCrunch® is your friend. It’s a tough class but you will use it again.” – Seffron B.

“Pay close attention to the webinars and online lessons. They helped me tremendously.” – Amy D.

 “StatCrunch® is the best! I received an A and I am 56 years old.” – Cathy D.

“Make sure you have a graphing calculator and a daily reminder of why you are in the class.” – Molly H.

“The best advice is YouTube. This is a tool that can teach you anything!” – Daniel W.

2. Ask for help!

 Whether you reach out to a professor, a tutor or a classmate, help is always available. All you have to do is ask.

“Talk with a classmate or email your professor with any questions.” – Jessica K.

“I never wanted to ask my instructors questions in the beginning because I thought I would be bothering them. Then I realized they were so helpful and always willing to help me understand something when I asked.” – Patricia M.

“Form a study group of friends who are taking the same class. Some people get it quickly and can help you.” – Lori A.

 “I suggest you tell your professor you'll give it 100% of your effort and that you only want to take statistics one time. Then ask your professor how to accomplish that.” – Dawn A.

“Use the tutorials and plug into tutoring opportunities.” – Vicki T.

3. Stay Ahead on your Work

Statistics can be tough for some students – plan accordingly. Many of our students agreed that getting started during preview week can help you get, and stay, ahead. Leave yourself extra time to ensure full comprehension.

“Start working on things during preview week. It’s hard work but you can get through it. Stay on top of work and don’t get behind.” – Patricia M.

“I found it of the utmost importance to begin working on stats during preview week, dedicating time daily and NOT getting behind. This is one class you want to stay ahead in since concepts build upon each other.” – Vicki T.

“I made the mistake of taking the quizzes toward the end of the week because I spent nearly every spare minute studying and reviewing, wanting to be sure I was ready. But no matter how much I studied, I didn’t do that well on the first go-round and sometimes I didn’t have time to retake the quizzes. I finally realized I needed to take it a little sooner so I could review the problems I missed. Then I did much better.” – Lisa R.

When it comes to taking statistics, just remember to take a deep breath and keep the tips above in mind. Success will be easier to achieve than you think!

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