One Clinical Rotation Determined Diane Morey’s Career Path into Nursing

Diane Morey

Diane Morey, PhD, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, CNE, a Chamberlain University campus president in the West Region with a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree, sure has come a long way from her childhood when she couldn’t stand the sight of blood to now when she can’t imagine life outside of the nursing profession.

“Nursing isn’t just a job but it is who I am.”

From Genetics to Nursing

Starting out as an art major, Diane found the creative process too limiting and became intrigued with a genetics segment in her biology class. It was this lesson that put her on the path to healthcare. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in health science focusing on environmental and occupational health but noticed a shortage of women in the field. She quickly switched gears and after volunteering at a hospital, headed back into the classroom to become a nurse. She was sold after her first clinical rotation. “I knew from that moment that I had made the right decision.”

Finding Different Ways to Step Forward

Diane loves to Step Forward in her community and has been involved with multiple community projects such as:

  • Administering immunizations to children at a kid’s fair
  • Volunteering for the American Red Cross
  • Serving as the operations chief for local flu clinics
  • Executive committee member for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Association Light the Night Santa Clarita
  • Board member for a local health corporation with health centers serving the medically underserved community
  • Member of the Workforce Issues Commission for the Virginia Nurses Association (VNA) and VNA Commission on Nursing Education and commission on Human Rights and Ethics
Representing Chamberlain at STTI Conference

Joining a handful of other Chamberlain colleagues and alumni, Diane will present her abstract Evaluating Clinical Judgment with Think-Aloud Protocol of Case Studies for a podium presentation at the upcoming Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society’s 31st International Nursing Research Congress in Abu Dhabi this July. Honorees received congratulatory emails stating the submitted abstracts were exceptional and the accepted presentations “are an excellent reflection of current nursing trends and timely issues.”

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