Students Dispel 5 Myths of Online RN to BSN Programs


Online learning has opened the door for thousands of nurses to advance to the bachelor’s level. With no mandatory log-in times, Chamberlain’s RN to BSN Option allows students the flexibility to advance their education, while also working and managing their personal lives.

While the positives to online learning are countless, there are still some myths that exist about online education. Maybe you’re unsure if you can succeed outside the walls of a traditional classroom. Or perhaps you doubt that you have the technological skills to tackle online classes. Whatever your hesitations may be, read on as our students dispel what you thought you knew and bust some common myths about pursuing your nursing degree online.

1. You’ve already learned everything you can learn on the job.

It’s undeniable – there’s no substitute for experience. It’s so important, in fact, that RNs with a current, active RN license and an associate degree or diploma in nursing can be awarded 77 proficiency credits for their experience when entering Chamberlain’s RN to BSN Option.

Chamberlain’s curriculum is focused on building on that experience – advancing your skills and knowledge to shape you into an even more extraordinary nurse who is well-rounded, culturally competent, critically thoughtful and a masterful communicator.

For a veteran nurse like Joyce Ellis, who pursued the option to expand her career opportunities, she was skeptical about the value she would derive from furthering her education at Chamberlain.

“I had thought, ‘I will just get this piece of paper and I’m not going to learn anything new! I’ve been a nurse for 40 years,’” she said. “I learned so much.  I found that when I went to meetings at work, I even used language that I had never used before and that helped me stand out.”

Chamberlain alumna April Wojcik couldn’t agree more. “As an RN for 20 years, it made me look at things differently as a BSN. It brought everything together.”

2. You will miss interacting with classmates.

In a traditional classroom, you are seated next to your classmates and your professor is standing at the front of the room. So won’t you miss that interaction with online classes? Our students tell us that there might just be more interaction when you’re online. Weekly online discussions encourage active participation and truly illuminate lessons, as nurses with different backgrounds and perspectives share their experiences.

“I really enjoyed communicating with nurses from all over the country at various stages in their nursing careers,” said Theresa Peters, a Chamberlain RN to BSN Option graduate and a nurse at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. “There is so much that we can learn from each other.”

Wojick even connected with nurses in her area through online classes. “I did not feel like I was alone, ever,” shared Wojick. “Even though I wasn’t sitting in a class, I could communicate with other students in my class. I can’t think of a time I was disappointed.”

3. You won’t have the support you need to be successful.

Having the support and tools you need to succeed is critical in any learning environment and that’s why we are dedicated to providing extraordinary care to our students. From your first contact, we are on your educational journey alongside you.

“I had an excellent admissions advisor who walked me through everything and he just took away a lot of the nerves that would have been there had I not had him to talk to,” shared Chamberlain RN to BSN Option graduate Charlene Strykowski. “The fact that I made it through, it’s the best feeling and I couldn’t have done it without the support that I got from the school.”

Students are equipped with a variety of resources, with an early assessment and a customized support plan, customized workshops, coaching teams for new students and more. We also offer access to – a 24/7 online tutoring service that is available to you at no cost as a Chamberlain student. And don’t forget your student services advisors, faculty members and the rest of Chamberlain is standing ready to help!

“Let’s face it, being a student in general is not easy, and it can be a bit of an extra challenge when you have other obligations that require your attention as well,” said Chamberlain RN to BSN Option graduate Melissa Frazier-Gaitan. “I had some very influential instructors that were motivators, encouragers and inspirers!”

4. You have to be a computer whiz.

Still not a tech guru? You don’t need to be a computer whiz to ace an online class – but it just might help you become one.

“Being an older student, I don’t have the computer skills of a 20-year-old,” Ellis said. “The first time I had to take a quiz, I took it at my son’s house only because I was panic-stricken about my computer crashing. He put me in a quiet room, and we had two computers set up.”

Be assured that you will have 24/7 access to the helpdesk by phone, email or live chat to help address any technical issues you might encounter and answer any questions.

“All kinds of resources are available and IT never minds walking you through anything you need help with. I graduated in 1996 with my ADN and graduated with my BSN in December 2017,” shared Chamberlain graduate Michelle Conover.

Peters agrees. “The program helped me grow in multiple ways. I became very acquainted with my computer, so developing computer skills was a plus.”

5. You can’t go to school while working full-time (and raising a family!)

Working, going to school and spending quality time with family definitely requires learning great time management, but our graduates have found it’s possible to thrive despite the busier-than-normal schedules.

Despite every obstacle, Chamberlain RN to BSN Option graduate and cancer survivor Kathleen Dooley says the program worked for her. “Being a mother of five kids and having so much responsibility already, as well as a full-time job and the disease itself, all of those things took up so much of my time. Chamberlain was able to squeeze right on in there and before long I was at the end,” she said.

Students have also found the online classroom allows them to squeeze in an extra study session wherever they are.

“Since I take my phone and textbook everywhere, I'll read in the car and other places when I find downtime,” shared wound care nurse and Chamberlain graduate, Paulette Smitherman. “It doesn’t take long to find your class online and read posts from other students.”

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