The 20 Most Inspiring Nursing School Photos of 2017

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This year, Chamberlain College of Nursing students shared thousands of photos of their experiences in nursing school on Instagram.

Students documented everything from their notetaking style, to clinical experiences, to study sessions, to volunteer activities and beyond.

We love watching these students’ journeys through nursing school unfold, so we decided to hand-pick 20 photos that inspire us to achieve even more in 2018. 

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  1. “The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away 👩🏼‍🏥❤️” - @marli.ross
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  2. “Oh baby, I assisted in my first delivery. 💕” - @helenatheart
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  3. “During rotation in the OR, one thing we have learned is to never say you can’t, but ask, ‘How do I do it?’” - @jerryjvck


  4. “Dreams do come true when you push yourself.” – @kmckay_fnp_student


  5. “My is so full right now 😊 This is a village in the Dominican Republic that we helped out and again I've fallen in love with the people. Every minute here is cherished and life is not taken for granted.” - @tifferz_87


  6. “Grad cap done. #rnbsn #2017graduate #bethechange” - @mrsflachs


  7. “#beBOLD #beFEARLESS #beMORE #raceforthecure2017 #thechamberlainway” - @chamberlaincharlottesga


  8. “Three April graduates of Chamberlain's Troy campus recently returned to campus to ring the bell, signifying they had passed the NCLEX Exam.” - @chamberlainedu


  9. “I had an amazing experience in the OR in clinical today! #futurenurse” - @msaddi8iddasm


  10. “Today, a dream became a reality. I remember when I first started Chamberlain and I saw the Sigma Theta Tau poster board in the commons and I told myself that one day I would get inducted. Well today I can finally say I'm a member of STTI. I got my honors cords! 😊” - @cordia.davis


  11. “FIRST DAY OF NURSING SCHOOL!!!! I've been waiting for this day for so long – the day I finally start nursing school and begin my journey towards becoming a nurse! I've put in so much work to get to this point, and I know I will have to work even harder to succeed through nursing school, but I am so ready to give it my all!” - @liamarieb_


  12. “You can do anything you set your mind to.” - @mirnakshamoon


  13. “This guy, he's the reason that I do everything I do. I never was as motivated in my life until I had him! We're making it through nursing school together! After that, on to DNP school! My #1 fan! I love you Gavin!” - @bsn_rn_2018


  14. “BSN. Those three little letters were worth it. #livingmydream” - @nurse_dette


  15. “Future flight nurses? Maybe!” - @blainereeser


  16. “Receiving my Honors award from Dean of #ChamberlainUniversity Miramar. Maintaining Honors status can definitely be a challenge as a single mom, especially since nursing school has been a huge roller coaster ride. One thing I have learned is that time management is  , especially when you want to succeed. I definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel! C/O 2018” - @studentnurse_jessica


  17. “Words cannot describe today’s beautiful event! It was so exciting to meet Nouha and to see her and many other Chamberlain students graduate today! The ceremony was very motivational and I can’t wait to participate in it in 16 short months! (Seriously, the entire thing gave me chills and tachycardia). Congratulations to the class of 2017! You’re going to be extraordinary nurses!” - @studentnursejennifer


  18. “9.26.17 Yesterday, I took care of my very first preemie👣👶🏼 This diaper was actually big on the baby! These tiny miracles and little fighters are my motivation to become a neonatal nurse.” - @studentnurseroshani


  19. “Your Future NP 👩🏾‍️ My school is so awesome for having this weekend setup for us! I got to put faces to names of my online classmates and get more comfortable with advanced practice skills. Can’t wait to get started with clinical rotations next year!” – @gaelle.jay


  20. Yes, I AM a Chamberlain nurse!! BSN MSN-FNP ✅✅ #nursesrock #nursepractitioner #getitdone - @jnalysaght


We hope you’ve enjoyed our 20 picks for the most inspiring photos from 2017. Now let’s all get it done in 2018! Request more information about Chamberlain here.  




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