Advocating for Nurse Wellness in the Age of COVID-19

Nurse Well-Being in the Age of COVID-19

Nurse Well-Being Assessment Key Findings

Across all three waves, nurses cited a lack of bandwidth and time to prioritize self-care, as well as a lack of systemic support from leadership, professional associations, and the government. While nurses cited work overload hampering their ability to prioritize self-care, we found that nurses remain resilient and passionate about their work.

Nurses want more support

There is a disconnect between the support nurses say they need and the support they actually receive.

Nurses find comfort in supporting each other

In all surveys and focus groups, we found that nurses consistently provide the highest levels of support to each other

Nurses prioritize patient care and forego self-care

At a time when self-care is more precious than ever, most nurses simply do not have the time or energy to focus on their own well-being.

Nurses remain resilient and passionate about their work

While 62% of nurses plan to stay with their current employers, 38% plan to actively look for new opportunities in the next 12 months

Supporting Self-Care and Mindfulness

The past year hasn’t been easy, but you’ve persevered and risen to the many challenges you’ve faced. We know music can have a powerful effect on mood and productivity, and so we invite you to listen to the new Feel Good Playlist, brought to you by Chamberlain Care – more than 100 songs to energize and inspire.

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