10 Things Nursing Students Wish They Knew on Their First Day of School

Nursing student

The first day of nursing school is an exciting experience. There's a lot to take in as you get settled into your classes, meet your professors and fellow students.

But there's also a lot to learn; beyond what's in your textbooks. Wouldn't it be great to know which class will be the hardest? Or to already have tips on how to best take notes in pharmacology?

Earlier this year, we asked our fans on Facebook what advice they would give themselves if they could go back to their first day of nursing school.

Here are some of the top responses:

1. No matter how difficult it may seem, nursing is beautiful. – Cyril T.

2. Believe in yourself, your ability to learn, and your ability to perform. It's OK to be nervous, but don't let your anxiety hinder you! Also, if you have the ability, participate in the international service trip. It is truly life-changing! – Lindsay K.

3. Go straight through to grad school. Don't be on the 30-year plan! – Jodi W.

4. Study, study, study. But always remember that you will not ace every test. If it was meant to be that easy, everyone would do it. Keep your head up and take that 'C' like a champ!  - Tiara Z.

5. You're better than they think you are. Don't let judgments get to you... Don't share your scores...always record lectures...and act in school as you would act in a profession. – Jewell M.


6. Working hard for something you don’t care about is called “stress.” Working hard for something you love is called “passion.” – Nelly S. 


7. Let go of any fears and embrace the challenges. - Lakeisha F.


8. Enjoy every day of it!! It goes by so fast and nursing is absolutely the best career. – Susan K.


9. Ask for the most challenging patients. Be eager to learn and understand that even experienced nurses are still learning. – Rose D.


10. Follow your passion. There are so many different areas and specialties that you can explore during your career. Your passion may change as you mature, but you will always be able to find an area for every stage of your life! – Susan S.

Have you been through nursing school? What advice would you share with new students?


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