4 Resolutions Every Nurse Should Make in 2019

nurse resolution 2019
It’s a New Year, and a fresh opportunity to evaluate your personal and professional goals!   

We asked our community of nurses on Facebook and LinkedIn to tell us a New Year’s Resolution every nurse should make this year. Their top answers below: 


1. Practice Self-Care

Overwhelmingly, our nurses recommended finding time for self-care this year. Nurses touch others’ lives in ways that few other professions do. They are called upon to demonstrate passion and resilience, confidence and critical thinking, each day. 
Through the practice of self-care, nurses can keep themselves healthy, both mentally and physically. When we “fill our own cup,” we are able to bring our best selves, and an emotional reserve, to the job every day.
“I am going to strive to give my co-workers uninterrupted lunches and take one for myself.” – Amy G. 
“Take care of yourself with the same or even better concern and care than you do your patients!! The best thing you can do for your patients is to share with them the best version of yourself.” – Sandy B. 
“To make sure their compassion is extended to themselves.” – Regina O. 
2. Advance Your Education
Study after study has shown that advanced education among nurses improves patient outcomes. Decide this year that it’s time to earn that BSN, or advance your education with an MSN or doctoral degree. Complement the degree you already have with a graduate certificate.

If this is not the right time for you to enroll in a formal program, you can still learn something new. Take CE courses. Attend seminars. Read journals. Learn about another culture that’s represented among your patient population.


Expand your knowledge, and you can see it pay off in your sense of satisfaction and your ability to provide the highest level of care and service to others.


“Strive to learn more in order to give our patients the best quality of nursing we can give!!!” – Amy J. 

“Continue your education. Whether its formal, certification or CE.” – Colleen M. 
“To keep learning.” – Aimee D. 
3. Mentor the Next Generation of Nurses
Let 2019 be the year that “nurses eat their young” goes away for good. Model what extraordinary care is all about by taking an extra minute to help, mentor or guide a new nurse. 

With advanced education, you will gain additional tools to be a mentor and leader to help other nurses manage workplace stressors. You can assume leadership positions in policy and healthcare reform, or educate the nurses of tomorrow in a way that instills in them the importance of care across all facets of the profession, including self-care.



“Be the change!” – Debbie K. 


“We as nurses should strengthen, guide and teach our young nurses the correct way of nursing.” – Lotaya G. 
“Don’t eat their young!” – Chloe M. 
“Treat everyone around you with kindness, love and compassion ... after all we are nurses who have the power to make a positive change.” – Reshma M. 

4. Treat Your Patients Like Family

A given in nursing, but it always bears remembering: treat every patient and their family as your own. When dealing with a difficult patient or day, keep your perspective and remember why you entered the profession. 


“Take care of every patient like they are someone you love very much.” – Nicole C. 


“To be more patient with patients and family members and show empathy.” – Jennifer C. 
“Treat your patients as if they were your family!!” -- Maranda W. 

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