12 Foods to Give You a Boost During a Long Shift

Foods gives boost

Whether it’s an early morning or a late night, a long shift can be tough to get through. There are a lot of factors which can contribute to how you feel as your shift progresses, and one of the biggest can be hunger.

Earlier this year, we made our picks for the Top 5 Nutritional Snacks for Nurses, but we wanted to hear from you too. So we asked our fans on Facebook to share which foods they reach for when they need a boost. Here are the most popular responses:

  1.        Protein shakes with fresh fruit – Elaine H.
  2.        String cheese, almonds and yogurt – Shelly G.
  3.        Coffee, my favorite food group - Mily O.
  4.        Dark chocolate covered espresso beans!!! Yum yum!! - Gina M.
  5.        Fresh produce, nuts and granola – Ms All G.
  6.        Honey and oat granola bars! - Kris T.
  7.        Peanut butter!!!!! - Jennifer R.
  8.        Dark chocolate with nuts - Olga P.
  9.        Banana, yogurt, almonds and string cheese - Corina S.
  10.        Hummus and pretzels! - Lisa T.
  11.        Candy bars - Modesty L.
  12.        Believe it or not ... broccoli with a nice veggie dip is a favorite in our ED. No one has any idea how this started, but it is one of our favorite dishes to bring in for group snacking - Janet E.

Do you find yourself reaching for one of the snacks above, or do you have your own go-to snack for an energy boost? Comment below and tell us what you think.

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