Her Belief in People Led Linda Quast to a Life of Social Work in the States and Overseas

Linda Quast

She started her work life as a Wall Street broker managing assets in New York and then moved cross country to test water and write in-depth reports for a conservation district in Washington. That led colleague Linda Quast, MS, MBA, PMP, faculty manager with the Chamberlain University Master of Social Work (MSW) program, to academic writing and eventually to higher education.

“I believe in human potential. I believe people can create the life they want if they have the right tools.” Through various family-life events and furthering her education, Linda always had a hint that social sciences was for her. “I’ve been wealthy and I’ve been dirt poor, I’ve lived through domestic violence and have been successfully remarried. I understand how it works from every angle.”

Social Sciences Was Her Calling

Linda has spent more than 15 years in higher education roles and has provided behavioral services for children with disabilities. Additionally, she and her husband have worked together with sex offenders within the containment model – providing polygraph services to support the containment team in assessing the risk an offender poses and creating a plan to mitigate that risk. “They are really broken and this gives them hope to help them self-regulate behavior.” Linda left fulltime support of that joint business venture last year when she joined Chamberlain. Now she provides administrative support for the program as its fulltime faculty manager.

Outside of work, Linda enjoys being the passenger on her husband’s Harley Davidson. “It’s like an easy chair on top of a car engine.” When they aren’t cruising the streets of Arizona or nearby states, they are rotating guest sheets for any of their collective five children – ages 20 through 32. “They are our joy,” Linda boasts, adding that they are “patiently waiting” for the next generation to arrive.

Family All Over: Domestic and Abroad

Their son, who lives in China with his wife, teaches English; daughter is an Army lieutenant in Korea; another daughter is Boston-bound for a job in the biology and medical field; and another son and daughter are finishing degrees in computer science and communications, respectively, in Arizona.

And when she’s not working or waiting for the next visitor, Linda Steps Forward internationally by helping children in Venezuela. She sends educational videos back and forth with a special-education teacher there who has developed the framework and curriculum to teach 10 children reading, writing and math every four months. Linda is appreciative of the opportunity saying, “It helps to know I can pay it forward.”


Chamberlain's MSW Program

One year ago, Chamberlain University launched its MSW program within the College of Health Professions, debuting the first round of classes in September 2019. The degree program offers two tracks – traditional and advanced standing – and prepares students for both generalist and specialized practice. Highlights of the program include:

  • Small class sizes to foster faculty-student relationships
  • Online coursework available 24/7
  • Opportunity to complete in as few as one to two years, depending on prior preparation
  • Engagement through video, podcast, case studies and simulations taught by expert faculty
  • Nurturing faculty who understand it takes a special person to pursue a career in the social-work field
  • Customized fieldwork practicum opportunities based on interests and goals
  • Tracks in:
    • Medical Social Work
    • Crisis and Response Interventions
    • Trauma

The MSW program is led by a diverse group of colleagues who serve as thought leaders and experts in the social-work field including Stacey Borasky Ferguson, EdD, MSW, dean; Amanda Morgan-Henry, MSW, LCSW-C, director; Linda Quast, MS, MBA, PMP, faculty manager; and Oren Shtayermman, PhD, MSW, professor.

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